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Medical Intuition | Print |  E-mail
Written by Ruth Berger   


Even though Ruth Berger never smoked, she was diagnosed with advanced emphysema and told her condition would only deteriorate. A medical intuitive that could see what the root cause of Ruth's condition was, told her what needed to be done and what type of doctor to look for. She found the doctor who focused on wellness, changes to her diet and taught her how to handle stress in her body. After several years of discovering and discarding old habits, she was cured. Now she is a medical intuitive who shares the insights she gained to help others develop their own medical intuition. There are numerous examples of similar experiences of medical intuition.

Dr. Andrew Pasminski of Chicago, IL wanted his wife Irene to get pregnant but after three fertility treatments, the doctors told her she had mucus incompatibility, which would make it almost impossible for her to get pregnant. Desperate, Irene went to Ruth Berger and asked for a medical intuitive session.

Intuitively Ruth saw Irene's ovaries were too acidic for Andy's alkaline sperm
and suggested that Andy eat more sugar to make his body more acidic. He did and within a year, Irene delivered a healthy baby girl.

Marie Loggins of Denver, CO sought Ruth out because of her poor health and extensive stress dealing with the loss of both her parents in the same year. Marie said that "Ruth intuitively saw a systemic problem triggered by my stress, but physical in nature. She told me to seek medical attention immediately. I went to an environmental specialist, who diagnosed me with Candida, a systemic yeast infection, which had already seriously weakened my immune system seriously. Fortunately all was caught in time to solve the problem."

Darlene Todd of Barrington,
sought Ruth when her daughter was fourteen, she had severe pains, which the doctors' thought was either gastritis, stress or just growing pains. "I went to Ruth for a business consultation and she told me to have the doctor check my daughter for gallstones. Several months later I again took my daughter to the emergency room and insisted they take additional tests. They located four large stones and operated on her."

AS unbelievable as it may sound, Medical Intuition is something you can do.

Learn how to:

- Use your intuition to have better communication with your medical advisors
- Trust your intuition
- Find why you have the condition in your body
- Find your energy blocks
- Listen to your built in scanner that tips you off when someone or something isn't right for you

You can stimulate your medical intuition by:

- Trusting your own natural intuition.
- Seeing your illnesses as growth opportunities.
- Asking the right questions.
- Believing nothing is impossible.

"There are no such things as incurables, there are only things for which man has not found a cure."   Bernard M. Baruch
May you all always walk the path of love and light.  


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“Thank you again for all your help and dedication to bringing about growth in all of human interaction. We look forward to working with you again as your participation was very successful and beneficial to our over-all goals.”
-Dr. Paul V. Johnson, President, SAC
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