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Relationship Readings

Relationship Readings


How can I get this person to want me?

What's wrong with our relationship?

How can we make our relationship better?


The three aspects Ruth intuitively searches for in a relationship reading are:

 1. Is this the right person for the client?

2. Can this relationship work out?

3. How to make it grow/happen?

Ruth suggests you email her the most recent photo of the two of you. She can either go into trance and become the people in the photograph and provide practical psychic input. 





Love is Everything

Love is everything. When life throws hard lessons at you, love is always the result. You may not know it right away, but when you do, you’ll feel like you’ve done something great.

I remember delivering my first child Karri, who needed oxygen immediately. It took her three days before she was healthy enough to emerge. Years later, she became a nurse and took care of many people who needed what she’d learned before she was a week old.

Karri taught me how to love unconditionally. I needed nothing in return but the knowledge that my child would live. Love got me through it all. And now she is doing the same for others.

The book I want to finish before my 80th birthday next June, is not only a book for single people, but for all people who need love in their lives.

Monkey Business

Image“How did you become a psychic?” I’m asked often. I don’t know! It’s a puzzlement! Most of the time I am two people.

         Recently I was asked to find a missing woman. As soon as I heard the request I knew the missing woman was killed. How do I tell the caller what I know? That is always the question. Do no harm is my motto, but knowing what to say is difficult. At that moment, I want to quit being a seer, a person who sees the future and the past.

I Need Your Help

We have an epidemic in the world today that needs your assistance. I can’t do it alone and neither can you. Everywhere I go I see anger, frustration and violence. People can’t find jobs, take care of their loved ones, and fearful of becoming a victim.

I have an idea.  Years ago when we were facing a similar time, many people gathered to join hands and pray, around the world. Overnight there were smiles and ideas to change what had happened.

That was then, and today is September 10th and the government and the media are focused on what terror might happen. It is frightening to young and old. And that fear is contagious to all of us.

It is time to gather again, join hands and pray for peace, not just for us, but also for the whole world.

Loosing Weight Isn't Hard to Do

Loosing weight isn’t hard to do.

After seven months of loud productive coughing, and going to medical specialists to try to find an explanation for the length of time I’d been coughing, I had a hunch to go to an allergist. He had me take a series of blood tests because he believed they were more accurate than other tests. The end findings were a yeast overload, which was causing my body serious toxic reactions _in my case, a productive cough. {

He suggested I go on a Candida diet, to eliminate the yeast in my system. All I had to do was cut out all the sugar, dairy products, and eat nothing that had yeast or gluten, and have only 1/3 cup of fruit a day.

A Child Leads the Way
Dear Ruth,

I’ve been reading your book, They Don’t See What I see.

I’m confused because I’m only fourteen and when I tell peopleImagewhat I sense, they either call me crazy or get overly excited and drain my energy, or cry. I don’t want to hurt people.

I can’t even use a flashlight without sucking energy out of it, and having the flashlight go bright, dark, dim, off, or really bright. It know it’s not the flashlight because I’ve switched the batteries, but nothing works. 

 A few days ago my aunt, uncle and mom asked me to contact my uncle’s wife. I was put on the spot and failed. Sometimes I don’t know if I have the wrong spirit or what?

I’m afraid to tell my dad because he might want to put me in a crazy hospital.

 I with I could meet you in person and tell you more.

 Thank you for creating this book.

J. L.

Intuitive Listening
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Ruth Berger - an ordinary woman who does extraordinary things.

Have you ever had a hunch, and didn't listen, and wish you had?

For those who would like to learn more, Berger can be reached at


July 5, 2011



My new favorite book:

Have a Little Faith by

Mitch Albom


A wonderful true story about two men who met talk and learn from one another.


Have a Little Faith, was easy to understand, and read. The author answered many of the questions I'd had all my life.

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Be prepared for what's going to happen. Discover how unconscious forces use your crisis as a spiritual initiation to define and reshape you. Whether it's a separation from a loved one, or a job, it could be a wakeup call to make a change.  

Intuitive Listening


I remember as a teen, sitting down next to my grandmother or a neighbor's grandmother and listening to them talk about their childhoods, families, and loved ones who had died. Instinctively I knew they were lonely, but loved hearing their stories.

       My mother worried about me and kept watch from the kitchen window as these grandmotherly ladies sought me out. She watched more carefully when she didn't know who they were.


       Story listening became a way of life for me, but most of all,  they made me feel like I was doing a good deed. They wanted someone to listen to them. Most of them cried as they talked about loved ones who had died.


       The older I grew, the more people talked to me. I didn't say much, too shy I guess. The piano was my microphone, the louder the notes, the more I felt.  


       In those days I didn't know what a psychic was, or ESP, extra sensory perception. Later I learned it was a natural way of tuning into others, like playing the piano, some notes sounding better than others.


       I often played the piano for school activities, thinking about the stories I'd heard. It made me feel less isolated. Then one day without any forethought I began to see the spirits of these people and giving messages to the living.


        The sight of these spirits also brought me a new form of hearing. Then I knew what to say, how to bring them hope, and a sense of closure to help accept they'd done, when they could.


        Smells came next.  - I'd smell the cookies they used to bake. I'd tell them what I smelled. They thought I had a lot of imagination - not realizing the information was given to be intuitively.   


With love and blessings,  


Ruth Berger 


Xtra Insight, 6/15/2011 newsletter

ImageDear Ruth,

Why did Bill leave me?

 Hundreds of people have written asking why their boyfriends/girlfriends ended their relationships without an explanation.

Enid asked, “We were planning to be married in the spring, when suddenly Joel said, “I can’t get married now. My life is too unresolved.”

Bill left without a word and wouldn’t answer my phone calls or text messages,” Suzi’s voice shook, as her eyes got full of tears.

People wanted to know why, or what did he or she do that caused their relationship to end?

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